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Distributor of electrical & factory automation components used in industrial and commercial process applications. Various products include contactors & overloads, cordsets, counters, Ethernet switches, heavy duty connectors, operator interfaces, light towers, miniature circuit breakers, power supplies, relays, safety switches, temperature controllers, terminal blocks, timers, VFDs and AC inverters. New products continually being introduced to this product offering. Our components are engineered to fit applications in most every sector of the market. Quick same day shipment or within 24 hours of order. Dedicated Customer Service/Returns department.

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CA7/CA6 Series Contactors

Contactors & Overloads

Distributor of Contactors & Overloads which include Sprecher + Schuh’s CA7 and CA6 Contactors and CEP7 Overloads.

The CA7 contactor series represents the most modern and flexible IEC power contactor available today. A wide selection of contactors covers the entire CA7 horsepower range (up to 75HP @ 460/575V). Six of the contactors are only 45mm wide, an extremely small footprint for such rugged performance. All CA7 contactors have been designed and tested with respect to Type 1 and Type 2 short circuit coordination. CA7-30 through 85 contactors are designed with two power terminals for all three poles. This simplifies power wiring of interconnected contactors in reversing, reduced voltage and two-speed applications. Simplified wiring means less labor and less cost.

Sprecher + Schuh’s CA6 contactor line combines the simple function of their popular CA7 contactor series with the rugged performance demanded in this middle horsepower range. On average these contactors are 50% smaller than traditional contactors in this size class. The CA6 contactor series has a built in safety feature that disengages the coil contacts and locks them in place when the contactor cover is opened for inspection. Conversely, when the contactor is energized, the cover cannot be removed. This feature ensures the current carrying components are power free during maintenance or replacement operations. Contact replacements can be installed quickly and safely, extending the life of the contactor.

The CEP7 solid state overload relays offer superior motor protection with advanced features like:
  • Selectable trip class and field-installable modules
  • A wide current adjustment range of 5:1
  • Robust, self-powered design with mechanical and electrical mounting
  • Self-sealed latching mechanism
M12 Series Plug Connectors


Distributor of cordsets which include Murr M12 series cable assemblies and screw terminals. They feature:
  • Male and Female Connector options
  • Insulation displacement Contact (IDC) versions available – on no screwdriver of soldering iron required!
  • Stripping of individual conductors no longer necessary, simply remove 20mm of the cable jacket
  • Color coded sleeves for simple conductor alignment
  • Keyed compression ring for easy alignment to the terminal pins
  • Decrease wiring connection efforts
  • IDC connectors reduce the chances for improper pin & conductor alignment
  • Maintains the IP67 rating when properly installed
CUB5 Series Red Lion Counters


Distributor of Counters to include Red Lion CUB 5 Series Counters and accessories.

The CUB5 provides the user the ultimate in flexibility, from its complete user programming to the optional setpoint control and communication capability. The meter can be programmed as a single or dual counter with rate indication capability. The display can be toggled either manually or automatically between the selected displays.
N-Tron 100 Series Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switches

Distributor of Ethernet Switches to include N-Tron 100 Series, 500 Series and 700 Series and Red Lion’s Data Station Plus.
6 Pole, Size 3 Weidmuller Rockstar Kits

Heavy Duty Connectors

Distributor of Heavy Duty Connectors to include Weidmuller’s Rockstar.

RockStar® kits consist of
  • Male insert
  • Female insert
  • Plug housing
  • Bulkhead housing
  • Cable gland
RockStar® kits offer many advantages such as simple purchasing since only one part number is required for all individual parts together.
Storage of single parts is unnecessary because the complete set is combined in one pack and includes everything you need.
Easy installation - a 2.5 mm slotted screwdriver is all you need. Weidmüller offers a range of popular connector combinations with metric or PG cable entry threads.

Heavy Duty Connector Assembly features:
  • Protection class: IP65 and NEMA 4X
  • Scratch resistant, corrosion proof housing plating
  • Rust proof stainless steel levers and latching tabs
  • Laser etched part numbers
  • Pre-attached bulkhead gaskets
G303 Model Red Lion Operator Interface Terminals

HMI / MMI - Operator Interface Terminals

Distributor of Operator Interface Terminals to include Red Lion G3 Series Panels.

The G3 family of operator panels take HMI to the next generation, with an Ethernet port and CompactFlash socket as standard, and with support for up to 5 high-speed serial ports for connection to PLCs, motor drives, temperature controllers, and whatever else is in your control panel. The G3's data logger allows you to record process values to CompactFlash for later access in CSV format via the integrated web server, making access to historical data a breeze. The G3's powerful communications architecture provides high-performance links to an unlimited number of devices, and allows serial data to be exposed via Ethernet protocols to provide access to even the simplest devices via your enterprise network. With a blistering 32-bit processor and huge amounts of FLASH storage, the G3 provides performance way ahead of Red Lion's acclaimed Paradigm range while still meeting your demands for ever more cost-effective solutions. Various models are:

G303 3" Monochrome Operator Panel

G306 5.7" Ultra-STN Color Touch Panel

G308 G308A 8.4" TFT and G308C 7.7" DSTN Color Touch Panels

G310 10" TFT Color Touch Panel

G315 15" TFT Color Touch Panel

Sprecher+Schuh Signal50 Warning Tower Lights

Light Towers

Distributor of light towers to include Sprecher + Schuh Signal50.

Signal50 Features:
  • modularly designed, versatile, flexible and powerful signal towers for smaller machines
  • any desired combination possible for many different kind of applications
  • complete range of visual and audible modules in all conventional voltages
  • extensive mounting options
  • 6 lens colors
  • PLC fit (leakage/inrush current)
  • UL certified, Protection class IP 65, UL type 4, 4X, 13
  • modular construction with bayonet locking system
  • fast and easy to operate, mount, configurate and change of modules
  • trouble free and finger safe bulb change at any position without using any tools

Light sources have to be ordered separately!

Cap - is automatically included with each base
WMZT 489 Series C/D/B Curve Circuit Breakers - 10kAIC

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Distributor of Circuit Breakers to include Eaton’s Series FAZ.

FAZ UL 489 Branch Protectors

Eaton offers a full range of DIN-Rail miniature circuit breakers up to 40A current rating for feeder and branch circuit protection. Breakers comply with the latest national and international standards including UL 489. Two levels of circuit protection available, one for medium inrush startup currents to provide protection for small transformers, pilot devices, etc., and one with a magnetic range to allow for higher inrush levels during startup usually seen with motors.

FAZ UL 1077 Supplementary Protectors

FAZ Supplementary Protectors are ideal for protection in control circuits, lighting, equipment, appliances and other applications where closer protection is desired than a branch circuit protection device per UL 1077. All are designed for easy installation.
Single Phase Power Supplies - DR-45 Series

Power Supplies

Distributor of Power Supplies including those from MeanWell and IDEC.

Idec PS5R Slim Line Series:

PS5R Slim Line models give you all the power of a traditional power supply in only half the space. The NEW 10W and 15W are only 22.5mm wide, the 30W and 60W are 36mm wide, and the 90W is 46mm wide. The 120W unit has a width of only 50mm while the 240W is 80mm wide. They also come with all the convenient features.

Utilize them in tight spaces or save valuable DIN Rail space while still filling your requirements for power. In addition to the new 10W and 15W, there are also 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W and 240W models available. With all these choices, it’s easy to find the one that’s right for your application!

The PS5R Slim Line series are UL508 listed and approved for Class I Div 2 hazardous locations. The 10W, 15W, 30W and 60W models are also NEC Class 2 rated, while the 120W and 240W even comply with SEMI F47 sag immunity requirements and bear the F47 Approval mark.

Like all IDEC switching power supplies, the PS5R Slim Line series has worldwide approvals, spring-up screw terminals, fused inputs and overload protection. They are DIN Rail or direct surface mountable and have universal (85 - 264V AC) voltage inputs. No derating means you save money, space and time.

MeanWell DIN Rail Power Supplies:

Single phase with wattage at 45W-480W
Features: Fanless design, models over 240W (includes) built-in PFC function.
Models include: DR-45, DR-75, DR-120, DRP-240 and DRP-480

Three phase or high input range with wattage at 240W-960W
Features: Fanless design, three phase or high input voltage range (340-550VAC)
Models include: DRT-240, DRT-480 and DRT-960
IDEC Relays


Distributor of relays to include IDEC’s RH Series.

The RH series uses silver cadmium oxide contacts to help reduce voltage arcing. Available in 1 to 4 poles, with either .187" blade plug-in or PCB terminals, the RH series is known for going the distance. Options include manual check buttons, LED indicators, and top flange covers for direct surface mounting. All models carry worldwide approvals including UL, CSA, TUV and CE. Using a standard terminal arrangement, the RH series will plug into many competitors' sockets. In fact, since IDEC private labels sockets for so many companies, there is a good chance that the socket you are using was designed specifically for RH series relays.

RH Series Key Features
  • Compact midget size saves space
  • SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT, or 4PDT AgCdO contacts
  • High switching capacity (10A)
  • Choice of blade or PCB type terminals
  • Options include indicator light and check button
  • Mounting options include top mounting, DIN socket, or panel mount socket
AZM161 Series Schmersal Solenoid Switches (AZM161CC-12/12RK-024)

Safety Switches

Distributor of Safety Switches to include Schmersal’s Mechanical, Magnetic and Solenoid Switches.
T Series Red Lion Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers

Distributor of Temperature/Process Controllers to include Red Lion’s Series T16 and T48.

T16 key features:
  • PID Control with Reduced Overshoot
  • Accepts TC and RTD Inputs
  • On Demand Auto-Tuning of PID Settings
  • DC Analog Output (Optional)
  • PC or Front Panel Programming
  • PC Configurable with TP16KIT
T48 key features:
  • 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Dual 4 Digit Display, 0.4" (10 mm) Red and 0.3" (7.6 mm) Green
  • Relay, SSR Drive, Triac Outputs
  • Linear DC Outputs
  • Heat/Cool
W-Series 2 mm Weidmuller Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Distributor of Terminal Blocks to include Weidmuller’s Z Series and W Series.

Tension Clamp Technology - Z-Series

Modular terminals with tension clamp connections – the Z-Series – were specially designed to meet customers’ requirements: compact size, generous marking surfaces, integral test point, cross-connection options within the Z-Series and to other Weidmüller modular terminals.

The Z-Series terminals have a wide clamping range and can accommodate one or two cross-connection channels. The plug-in standard cross-connections enable potentials to be distributed over any number of terminals.

Screw Connection Technology – W Series

For decades, Weidmüller's W-Series terminal with screw clamp connection technology, has set the standard. With its many advantages, the W-Series remains the unsurpassed market leader.

The W-Series offers solutions for conductor cross-sections from 0.06 to 300 mm² and for all common electrical functions. Another advantage is the choice of plug-in (ZQV) or screw-in (WQV) cross-connections within one modular terminal. It provides considerable time savings compared to all other screw terminals on the market.

Thanks to the patented design of Weidmüller's W-Series screw connection technology it is possible for two conductors of the same cross-section to be connected in one and the same clamping point without difficulty.
CUB5T Series Red Lion Timers


Distributor of Timers to include IDEC’s RTE Series and Red Lion’s CUB5T Series.

IDEC offers multi-range and multi-function timers, with different models in the series. Choose the right timer based on your timing function, time range, contact configuration and socket needs. The ON Delay multifunction RTE timer offers ranges up to 10 hours. All timers have corresponding IDEC sockets to make the most efficient connection.

Red Lion’s CUB5T Series provides the ultimate in timer flexibility, from its complete user programming to the optional relay output and serial communications capability. The meter functions as an Elapsed Timer or Preset Timer. It also has a built-in Cycle Counter. The display can be toggled either manually or automatically between the Timer and Cycle Counter values. With eight different input operating modes and 18 selectable timer ranges, the meter can be programmed for a wide variety of timing applications.

VFD - AC Inverters

Distributor of VFDs